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Duet’s Caregiver Services and the Meaning and Hope Institute are hosting virtual webinars and events often.

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Below are archived webinar and symposium recordings from Duet’s Caregiver Services.

Caregiver Issues

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Journaling for CaregiversAnne Lackey and Bonnie Danowski share techniques in the art of journaling to help caregivers find inner strength, courage, and wisdom.
Embracing MemoriesFormer Fox 10 TV Morning News host, Rick D’Amico, who retired to care for his wife Ruth, shares the impact of Alzheimer’s on their lives.

Finding Placement for Your Loved One 
Christina Cave, elder care placement specialist and owner of About Seniors, discusses logistical and emotional aspects of finding a safe place for your loved one. 

Hospice 101 
Jennifer Grand, RN, BSN, explains how hospice care can optimize quality of life and what questions to ask when selecting the hospice agency that’s a fit for you. 
How to Communicate with Memory Loss 
Speech-language pathologist and author Susan Kohler shares techniques to enhance your ability to connect with your loved one experiencing memory loss. 
Life Plan Communities  
Outreach Ambassador for Beatitudes Campus, Nancy Splain, discusses the services and amenities provided in life plan communities. 
Medical Cannabis Veronica Santarelli, CEO of Grassphealth, discusses benefits of medical cannabis for afflictions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis. 
The Value of Arts Laura Hales, curator of learning and innovation at Scottsdale Arts, shares findings from current research on how art contributes to well-being and demonstrates simple activities you can do with your loved one. 
Tips for Hiring a Caregiver Respected local home care agency owner and longstanding Duet advocate, Bob Roth, describes what to look for and expect when hiring a caregiver. 
Travel Well with Dementia Nurse and noted dementia expert, Jan Dougherty, presents practical tips and strategies to use before, during, and after a trip. 

Agencies for More Assistance & Respite Programs 

Arizona Caregiver Coalition Find out how to apply for partial reimbursement for respite care and home modifications through the Arizona Caregiver Coalition. 

Financial Information 

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All About ALTCS What to know about Arizona Long Term Care System, which is health insurance for individuals who are age 65 or older, or who have a disability, and who require nursing facility level of care. 
Elder Law Estate Planning An experienced elder law attorney explains practical legal solutions for some of the issues that arise with aging. 
Getting Your (Financial) Docs in a Row Certified Financial Planner, Marie Burns, conducts this free virtual workshop demonstrating what it means to get your financial house in order. 
Lining Up Your Legal Documents Longstanding Duet advocate and former board member, Stacey Johnson, an elder-law attorney, discusses legal document.

Emotional Help 

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Family Support in Caregiving  Shannon Arriola, MC, Memory Care and Parkinson’s Family Coach, helps you discover how to re-engage your family to participate through the caregiving journey in a skillful and compassionate way. 
A Conversation with Dr. Boss Dr. Pauline Boss discusses enduring concepts from her book, Loving Someone Who Has Dementia, with a special focus on stress, coping, and resiliency. 
Caring for the Care Partner 
Therapist Michelle Zipser focuses on the caregiver experience and the complexities of caring for someone with cognitive impairment. 
Empathy Fatigue  Dr. Barry Kerzin addresses the adverse impacts of empathy fatigue on our health and well-being. 

Overall Senior Information

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Adaptive Technology From smart watches that detect falls, and stove alerts, to robotic pets, Tana M. Luger Motyka, PhD, MPH, of Covenant Health Network, discusses how technology can enhance lives—and save lives. 
Increase Your Immunity Naturopathic doctor, Yasaman Tasalloti, presents science-based lifestyle practices, home therapies, and nutritional suggestions that can optimize your health. 
Scams in the Modern World 
An expert on scams, Ren Chenoweth, shares real life anecdotes and discusses how to protect our loved ones from becoming vulnerable to online scams. 
You Can Prevent Falls Elton Bordenave, PhD, of A.T. Still University, discusses how you can prevent falls. He also addresses dealing with caregiver burn-out to avert accidents. 

Ask the Doctor: Patricio Reyes, M.D. 

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Bridging the Gap – Caring for Caregivers 
Dr. Reyes provides medical education to help ease and overcome some of the many life-changing challenges of caring for a loved one. 
Dementia in Strokes and Other Treatable Dementias  Dr. Reyes highlights the diverse range of factors that can contribute to dementia and the treatability of vascular dementia associated with strokes.  
Common Dementias 
Dr. Reyes discusses current research, treatments, and medicines available to treat Lewy Body, Parkinson’s, and Frontotemporal dementias.  
Dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury Dr. Reyes speaks with several spouses of NFL players about the role as caregiver to those afflicted with cognitive issues likely stemming from hard-hitting football heydays. 

Annual Family Caregiver Symposiums

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Dr. Pauline Boss and Dr. Arthur Kleinman (2021) Dr. Kleinman shares how the experience of caring for his wife transformed his thinking about our medical system and the need to put those who give care at its center. Dr. Boss discusses how new ambiguous losses have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic and how family caregivers can cope and stay resilient. 
Dr. Aaron Blight and Dr. Macie P. Smith (2022) Dr. Blight offers caregivers a framework for processing their experience and building resilience. Dr. Smith addresses the resistance many caregivers face from their loved ones and provides tips and tools to address it. 
Dr. Aaron Blight and Dr. Robert Wicks  (2023) Dr. Blight explains how caregivers can improve their capacity by adapting to their loved one’s ever-changing circumstances. Dr. Wicks discusses resilience, self-care, and the integration of psychology and classic spiritual approaches to maintain a healthy perspective. 

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