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Apoyo a los cuidadores familiares de personas con demencia

| 6 Minute Read
Profesionales, cuidadores familiares y socios comunitarios están invitados a convertirse en facilitadores certificados de la serie de debates gratuitos, Encontrando Significado y Esperanza, de Duet.

CAREGIVING, Stories from a Caregiver

Alzheimer’s Care Takes a Village

| 19 Minute Read
My wife, Linda, 78, passed peacefully in 2019 after an 11-year journey with Alzheimer’s disease had repurposed our lives. She was adopted at birth so our first clue of potential dementia risk surfaced following a successful search for her birth family in her mid-forties. That search revealed...
Acrylic abstract expression painting on canvas, “Eye of the Storm” by Gerald Lloyd Wood. Thought for the day: “A tranquil sea is not always to be. Brave the waves and secure your ship in Paradise Harbor. With new stores below, we bid you ‘bon voyage’ as you sail away for destinations unknown. Smooth sailing!”

CAREGIVING, Stories from a Caregiver

Love is Where it Finds You

| 17 Minute Read
Try as we may, love isn’t always planned. It’s one of those joyous, unexplainable things that some are lucky enough to experience while others are left to wonder. True love and love at first sight are the crème de le crème of attraction between two individuals regardless of gender. The possibilities for commitment are limitless.
Acrylic abstract expression painting on canvas by Gerald Lloyd Wood titled, “Fire and Ice.” (Private collection of Mr. Stephen Ross Wood.) Thought for the day: “Solutions to problems may be found in new paradigms. Logic is out the window with dementia. Thus, newfound creativity in ADLs (activities of daily living) is required!”

CAREGIVING, Stories from a Caregiver

Living Our New Normal

| 18 Minute Read
Our lives changed dramatically after her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. We now sense time is of the essence and are circling the wagons for protection, albeit the emotional kind. In fact, our love for each other has never been stronger as we face this new challenge together...


A Self-Care Webinar: Empathy Fatigue – Presented by Dr. Barry Kerzin

| 8 Minute Read
Join Duet You are invited to join us for a rare opportunity to set our intentions toward self-care through the wisdom and counsel of American physician and Buddhist monk, Dr. Barry Kerzin.
Abstract expression painting titled, “Abstract # 101 by Gerald Lloyd Wood. This was his first acrylic painting. (Courtesy of personal art collection of Ann F. Wheat.) Thought for the day, “Diversity has the beauty of a masterful painting.”

CAREGIVING, Stories from a Caregiver

What Day is This?

| 15 Minute Read
First light and creature sounds in the desert are unlike any other place we’ve ever lived. It is heaven for early risers. Recently, my wife awakened and entered the room where I was reading. As usual, we greeted each other with...
Acrylic abstract expression painting “Hot Flash!” by Gerald Lloyd Wood. Thought for the day, “A positive attitude, integrity, good character and enthusiasm will take you far.”

CAREGIVING, Stories from a Caregiver

Two Peas in a Pod

| 17 Minute Read
We were like two peas in a pod from that first meeting. Such instant connection rarely occurs in a lifetime. It was a long-lasting coke date that didn’t last long enough. Something magical happened that night because driving home I talked to myself in the car at the first stoplight. Scout’s honor, I actually said...
Acrylic abstract expression painting titled, “Breaking Wave,” by Gerald Lloyd Wood. This painting is courtesy of Susan Bershad, M.D., from her private collection.

CAREGIVING, Stories from a Caregiver

Dementia’s Good Side

| 15 Minute Read
Those with any knowledge of Alzheimer’s and other dementias would agree they are devastating diseases. Furthermore, any suggestion their occurrence might offer benefits of any kind would seem ill-informed, if not foolish. But, consider such a premise with an open mind...