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Help Family Caregivers Find Meaning & Hope: Become a Facilitator

| 7 Minute Read
Since 2016, Finding Meaning and Hope facilitators have been helping family caregivers better understand and unpack the complex emotions that emerge when caring for individuals with dementia.
Acrylic abstract painting on canvas by Gerald Lloyd Wood titled, “Joyful Manifestations.” Moments of clarity oscillate in a confused state of mind for many suffering dementia. They are cause for celebration and joy!

CAREGIVING, Stories from a Caregiver

Million Dollar Smile

| 14 Minute Read
I visited my wife yesterday where she lives in an Alzheimer’s Dementia Care Community. There is little normalcy about my visits anymore since she hasn’t been able to relate to me as her husband or communicate with me for a long time. We passed our 54th wedding anniversary earlier this year...
Abstract Expression Oil Pastel painting, “Tropical Depression.” This dreaded word reminds caregivers to take care of themselves. Nothing good comes from isolation. Prevent depression or worse by initiating respite care for yourself. Airline attendants say, “Put your oxygen mask on first, then your children.” So take care of self!

CAREGIVING, Stories from a Caregiver

Down the Road a Bit

| 16 Minute Read
She’s down the road a bit. That precious woman who has been in my life for over fifty-three years is no longer with me. I struggled with the realization that her Alzheimer’s disease had progressed to a stage that required long-term professional care...


Supporting Family Caregivers on the Navajo Nation

| 6 Minute Read
Duet's Meaning and Hope Institute is partnering with the the So'Tsoh Foundation to bring the Finding Meaning and Hope discussion series to family caregivers on the Navajo Nation.


A Conversation with Dr. Reyes: Dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury

| 7 Minute Read
Join Duet’s Meaning & Hope Institute for an important conversation with Dr. Patricio F. Reyes, M.D., Chief of Neurology and Director of Alzheimer’s Disease & Cognitive Disorders and Traumatic Brain Injury at the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix.
Abstract Expression Oil Pastel painting, “Monet Reflections,” reflects upon our caregiving experience. The word, “French Impressionism,” came from a written review of a Monet painting, “Impression Sunrise,” 1872.

CAREGIVING, Stories from a Caregiver

Magic Moments

| 17 Minute Read
There have been many magic moments and happy times with a loving spouse for over fifty-four years. Unions like ours take more than love to hold them together. Indeed, sticking together is a miracle of sorts considering the challenges couples face. With no loss of love, our magic is beginning to slip away...
Abstract expression Oil Pastel painting titled, “Crystal Blue.” Thought for the day, “It’s crystal clear that love is boundless!”

CAREGIVING, Stories from a Caregiver

Dementia 101

| 18 Minute Read
There are many classifications of dementia falling under an umbrella of diseases and injuries of the brain. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common, representing over half of total diagnoses. As a six-year caregiver for a spouse who suffers in the later stages of this dreaded disease, I am frequently awed by the deleterious effects it has had on virtually every aspect of her life and, in turn, on us as a couple. A few years back on a more lucid day...


Are you caring for someone with dementia?

| 6 Minute Read
Consider our free discussion series for Dementia family caregivers.