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Written by: Meaning & Hope Institute

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As featured on CBS Saturday Morning

Duet’s Meaning & Hope Institute is honored to have been invited by CBS News’ national correspondent Barry Petersen to help elevate the voices of family caregivers through a story featured on CBS Saturday Morning. Petersen sat down with family caregivers and Duet’s Executive Director, Ann Wheat, to learn more about the complex grief and challenging path that family caregivers face. At Duet’s Meaning & Hope Institute, we are committed to providing caregivers with compassionate support at every step of the caregiving journey, while increasing access to critically needed support services through our dedicated community partners.

Our programs and services are free-of-charge for family caregivers and were created by and with caregivers at every step of the way. Below are a few helpful places to get started on your journey of hope and healing.

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If you’re struggling with where to start, please reach out and contact our team. You are at the center of our commitment, and it is our honor to provide you with valuable information and resources to support you on your caregiving journey.

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The Troubadour and the Maiden 

A fairytale inspired story by family caregiver, Don Cook.

“The first segment, The Troubadour and the Maiden, was written when I would visit my wife every day at the residential memory care facility. Her dementia was at a point where she did not always know who I was or what our relationship was anymore. The fairytale was a way for me to express what I felt without it being just another ‘this is what happened to us’ personal story. “

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