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Next Chapter in My Life

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Written by: Meaning & Hope Institute

The Next Chapter in My Life workshop series, developed by Lifespan Research Foundation, tailors the insightful Road Maps to Life Transitions workshops specifically for those navigating the later stages of adulthood. This period is marked by significant life milestones such as transitioning to retirement, facing the empty nest syndrome, dealing with the loss of loved ones, or embracing the role of grandparenting. These experiences, whether eagerly anticipated or unexpectedly thrust upon us, bring a mix of emotions and challenges. Duet’s Meaning & Hope Institute offers this program to family caregivers who are ready to explore the next chapter of their personal journey.

Rooted in the groundbreaking findings of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest-running study of its kind, Next Chapter in My Life offers a unique opportunity for participants to delve into their life’s journey. It is structured around key sessions that address pivotal aspects of living a rich and fulfilling life:

Understanding Life Stages: Participants examine their current phase in life and how it influences their priorities and perspectives.

Clarifying Values and Purpose: This session encourages a deep dive into personal values and the alignment of daily activities with these core beliefs.

Nurturing Important Relationships: It focuses on identifying and strengthening essential personal connections, recognizing their role in personal well-being.

Managing Life Transitions: This part of the program provides strategies for navigating significant changes, drawing on past experiences and preparing for future ones.

Overcoming Challenges: The final session equips participants with tools for facing life’s inevitable difficulties with resilience and grace.

The program stands out not just for its content but also for the sense of community it fosters among participants who are experiencing similar life transitions. It’s an ideal setting for those looking to take a momentary pause to reflect on their journey thus far and to thoughtfully consider the direction of their future.

Next Chapter in My Life combines a facilitator led workshop with peer support, making it more than a learning experience—it’s a shared exploration of what it means to navigate this chapter of life. Participants are encouraged not only to seek personal growth and fulfillment but also to connect with others in similar situations, providing a collective source of wisdom and encouragement.

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Meet the Expert

Meet Dr. Robert Waldinger

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Robert Waldinger, M.D., Harvard professor and psychiatrist, leads the renowned Harvard Study of Adult Development, tracking lives for over 80 years to understand the long-term impact of childhood experiences on health and wellbeing. Author of "The Good Life," he shares insights on healthy human development and directs the Lifespan Research Foundation, bridging research with public understanding.
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