Meet Nicole Batsch

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Written by: Meaning & Hope Institute

Nicole Batsch, PhD is passionate about improving the quality of life of older people, people with dementia, family caregivers and the workforce that serves these populations. She has more than two decades experience working in aging and dementia policy, research, and practice in local, national and international settings. Her expertise includes national and international dissemination, program strategy, design, development, and stakeholder inclusion at board and consumer levels for small and large organizations such as non-profits, government, long term care, hospital, and home care.

Dr. Batsch holds a doctorate from King’s College London’s Global Health and Social Medicine Division’s Institute of Gerontology and is a senior fellow with the Global Brain Health Institute at Trinity College Dublin with undergraduate and graduate work completed at Florida State University.

Nicole is responsible for the content development of the Meaning & Hope Institute’s caregiver portion of the website and other strategic projects helping the Institute to grow and disseminate quality information and support for family caregivers nationally.