Are You Caring for Someone with Dementia?

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Don’t wait until it’s so difficult you’re ready to walk away. It’s just not a healthy situation. That’s the thing that comes up over and over at support groups — deal with things early on. That’s why I think this program is so important.”


Free Discussion Series for Family Caregivers

A unique, free-of-charge discussion series based on the groundbreaking book, Loving Someone Who Has Dementia: How to Find Hope While Coping with Stress and Grief by Pauline Boss, Ph.D., a leading expert on caregiver grief. Built on solid research and years of practical experience, it offers real help in dealing with the challenges, losses, and rewards of being a family caregiver.


Support Groups

Connect with Fellow Family Caregivers

No one should have to care for a loved one with dementia without help. Joining a family caregiver support group can provide you with a critical support system throughout your caregiving journey.



You Need Support Too

Caring for a loved one who has dementia can be very stressful, often involving years of loneliness, isolation, financial stress, and physical health challenges. At the Meaning & Hope Institute, we have resources and support to help you through the challenges you are facing.

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Support For Your Journey


2024 Facilitator Training for Finding Meaning and Hope

| 8 Minute Read
Since 2016, Finding Meaning and Hope facilitators have been helping family caregivers better understand and unpack the complex emotions that emerge when caring for individuals with dementia. Become a Finding Meaning and Hope facilitator with the Meaning & Hope Institute's training, offering guidance for healthcare professionals, support group leaders, advocates, and caregivers.
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Deliver Compassion, Dignity, and Hope this Holiday Season

| 8 Minute Read
“There are people hurting the same way [as you] and they need your support.” Family caregiver, Judy Hunter, shares why Duet family caregiver support groups are so important. Judy met Charles on a blind date when she was 17 years old. Together they embody the model of a deeply committed and enduring partnership. Loveland, Colorado, […]


Creative Self-Care: Take a Doodle Break

| 6 Minute Read
November is National Family Caregiver Month as well as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, a time to recognize and honor the incredible dedication and care that you provide to your loved ones, and particularly those with dementia. That's why we're introducing the "Caregiver Doodle Break" activity.
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family caregivers


Meaning & Hope Institute

Duet: Partners in Health & Aging established the Institute as a program of nonprofit during 2017, based on the work of Pauline Boss, Ph.D. and her groundbreaking book Loving Someone Who Has Dementia: How to Find Hope While Coping with Stress and Grief.

The Institute offers a range of supportive services including the Finding Meaning and Hope discussion series, training and certification for discussion facilitators, webinars and support groups, and referrals to a wide variety of additional services provided by Institute partners.

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Finding Meaning and Hope Sponsors

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