A Conversation with Dr. Boss: Stress, Coping, and Resiliency

| 4 Minute Read | Written by: Meaning & Hope Institute


Duet's Meaning & Hope Institute and Maude's Awards presented a conversation with Pauline Boss, PhD, on June 15, 2022 that explored Stress, Coping, and Resiliency.

Pauline Boss, PhD, joined Duet’s Caregiver Webinar Series for an intimate conversation. She discussed enduring concepts from her book, Loving Someone Who Has Dementia, with a special focus on stress, coping, and resiliency. As dementia progresses, so does the caregiving journey. Coping and grieving processes are ongoing, which can cause unusually high stress for even the strongest family caregivers. Being resilient means becoming more comfortable with the heightened stress and anxiety, and gaining new strength from the experience. View the recording below.

About Pauline Boss, PhD

Dr. Pauline Boss is an educator and researcher who is widely recognized for her groundbreaking research on stress reduction for people whose loved ones are physically present but psychologically absent – a term she coined ambiguous loss.  Since 1973, Dr. Boss has studied ambiguous loss, taught university students, practiced as a clinician, and trained family therapists, psychologists, counselors, and humanitarians around the world to help individuals and families suffering from the trauma of ambiguous loss and its grief.

For additional information about Duet’s Caregiver Webinar series, contact Deanne Poulos at, (602) 274-5022, ext. 115.

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