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Duet’s Meaning & Hope Institute provides a variety of virtual events that reduce stress and isolation for family caregivers.

Virtual Events for Family Caregivers


On-Demand Virtual Events

with Dr. Pauline Boss

Dr. Pauline Boss joined Duet’s Meaning & Hope Institute for a series of virtual events, including: Stress, Coping, and Resiliency: A Conversation with Dr. Boss (June 2022), Guilt, Grief, & Guideposts with Dr. Pauline Boss and Kathy Ritchie (October 2021), and a Family Caregiver Symposium with Dr. Pauline Boss and Dr. Arthur Kleinman (February 2021). With each of these virtual events, Dr. Boss not only shares her experience as an academic, researcher, clinical practitioner, and author, but also brings her personal experience as a family caregiver to provide valuable insights for building resilience and strength to live with grief and loss.


2023 Family Caregiver Symposium

with Dr. Blight and Dr. Wicks

For this year’s annual Family Caregiver Symposium, we invited two remarkable international speakers to help you discover practical strategies and tools to navigate your caregiving journey. Dr. Aaron Blight, a world-class speaker, consultant, and author discussed how caregivers can improve their capacity by adapting to their loved one’s ever-changing circumstances. Dr. Robert J. Wicks, Professor Emeritus at Loyola University, and author of over 60 books discussed resilience, self-care, and the integration of psychology and classic spiritual approaches to maintain a healthy perspective.

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