Conversations with Dr. Reyes

| 11 Minute Read | Written by: Meaning & Hope Institute


Duet's Meaning & Hope Institute is proud to present Conversations with Dr. Reyes.

Upcoming Webinar:

February 15, 2023: Dementia and Traumatic Brian Injury

Patricio F. Reyes, M.D. is Chief of Neurology and Director of Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer’s Disease & Cognitive Disorders at the Carl. T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix. On the heels of the Super Bowl, the doctor will tackle dementia, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and concussions, head on. His longstanding participation with the Retired NFL Players Association, and the Association of Ringside Physicians, has exposed him to dangers of contact sports. Additionally, in his 30 years of practice, he has acquired acclaimed expertise in dementia, as well as non-sports-related causes of TBI.

An ardent supporter of family caregivers, Dr. Reyes will address: 

  • The connection between TBI and dementia
  • Effective prescription medicines for TBI and dementia
  • Caregiving tips for tending to a loved one with TBI or dementia
  • Self-care reminders for the family caregiver

Additionally, the doctor will take your questions. This is your opportunity to connect with an expert who cares about patients and their caregivers.

Past Webinars:

November 30th, 2022: Bridging the Gap – Caring for Caregivers

Duet’s Meaning & Hope Institute hosted an important conversation with Dr. Patricio F. Reyes, M.D., Chief of Neurology and Director of Alzheimer’s Disease & Cognitive Disorders and Traumatic Brain Injury at the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix on November 30, 2022. Dr. Reyes has seen, first-hand, the toll that tending to someone with dementia can take on a family caregiver. Early on in his practice, three caregivers of his patients suffered heart attacks. Their health crises made him realize that vigilance for them is as important as attention to their afflicted loved ones. He vows, “Each passing day I shall strive to offer the best care I can to persons with dementia AND their caregivers.” During the webinar, Dr. Reyes provided caregivers with medical education to help ease and overcome some of the many life-changing challenges of providing care to their loved ones. View the recording below.

About Patricio F. Reyes, M.D., FANN

Dr. Reyes is a board certified and highly regarded neurologist and neuropathologist with more than 30 years of clinical expertise, research, and drug development in Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

He was one of the first to establish rapid autopsy brain banking in the United States, and the first to build Dementia Centers in three states.  He also was a principal in numerous clinical trials that led to the FDA approval of new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Reyes has worked extensively with the Retired Players Association to improve health care for retired NFL players, as well as improving health care awareness for the boxing profession in his native Philippines.

He has been conferred with numerous awards throughout his career, including Scientist of the 21st Century, Physician of the Day by the Arizona House of Representatives, and Top Doctor in the Who’s Who Global Medical Directory.

For information about future conversations with Dr. Reyes, contact Bob Roth at

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